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Health & Safety
Health, safety and wellbeing are our number one priority, with mandatory training, regular talks, inspections and continuous education for all our team and suppliers.
Commitment to Health and Safety
At DBSJ, health and safety are central to everything we do and form a crucial part of our induction process. All new team members must read our Health & Safety Handbook and Policy and sign a declaration confirming their understanding of their responsibilities and those of the company. This requirement extends to our supply chain as well.

On-site, we conduct regular Toolbox Talks to reinforce our health & safety policies and raise awareness of hazardous activities. Each site features a dedicated health & safety notice board to keep everyone informed. In our joinery workshop and finishing facility, we perform regular health & safety walks, including weekly inspections by directors, to ensure compliance and share best practices.

Our team have access to Atlas, a platform that houses our policies and numerous health & safety training modules. Managers can assign these modules to the team and monitor their progress, ensuring continuous education and adherence to our high standards. At DBSJ, the safety of everyone involved in our projects is our top priority.